Badshah and Ranjit Borat illuminate The Dharavi Drea Project

6 Aug, 2023

The Rhythm of Dreams

In a remarkable event on 16th July 2023, The Dharavi Dream Project (TDDP) took a giant leap in its mission to empower the talents in Dharavi with the launch of its music production studio – the first-ever After the School of Hip-Hop. The day was graced by the presence of two eminent figures in the music industry – the renowned drummer Ranjit Barot and the superstar rapper Badshah. The event was a testament to the power of dreams, passion, and dedication.

The event was graced with the presence of acclaimed artistes Badshah and Ranjit Barot, figures who truly symbolize the power and reach of music. They were the guests of honor at the inauguration ceremony, lending their charisma and insights to an already vivacious event. 

The day commenced with a media interview featuring the instrumental team behind The Dharavi Dream Project, along with the eloquent Nirmika Singh from Rolling Stone. Their shared vision for this project illuminated the room – an energy that stayed throughout the event.

Soon after, Ranjit Barot, the venerated Indian drummer and music director, made his grand entry. He was briefed about The Dharavi Dream Project – the aspirations it nurtures and the dreams it cultivates within its four walls. This was followed by a tour of the recently built studio and classroom visit. The sparkle in the eyes of the children upon meeting Barot captured the essence of this initiative – a hope for the future.

The children of TDDP then took center stage, and their performance was nothing short of extraordinary. Their talent, honed by the nurturing environment of TDDP, was truly the highlight of the day.

Next up was the arrival of the king of Indian Rap, Badshah. His presence was met with immense excitement and joy. Badshah, known for his inspiring journey in the music industry, inaugurated the new studio amidst a thunderous round of applause. He was presented with a canva from TDDP’s Graffiti Talents – a heartwarming sketch of the rapper himself – a token of love and appreciation.

Following the inauguration, the talents from TDDP put up another stunning performance. The echoes of their rhythm and the poignancy of their lyrics created an atmosphere filled with pride and exhilaration. Badshah, visibly moved by their performance, took the stage to share his thoughts.

He spoke from his heart, encouraging the talented youngsters of TDDP. He highlighted the importance of never giving up, always believing in one’s dreams, and fighting against all odds to make those dreams come true. His words resonated deeply with everyone present, adding a soulful touch to the eventful day.

As the day drew to a close, photos and videos were taken, capturing the golden moments that had unfolded. These memories, etched in time, stand as testament to the fact that with the right opportunities and a platform to shine, dreams do come true.

As Badshah and Ranjit Barot left the premises, they left behind a room buzzing with energy and the dreams of many young talents rekindled. This day marked a milestone for The Dharavi Dream Project – a day when music and dreams reverberated in the heart of Dharavi, signaling the dawn of a new era of hope and aspiration.

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