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The Dharavi Dream Project

हमारा अस्तित्व

TDDP was sown as an idea for under-resourced kids in Dharavi to have free and easy access to the “After school of hip-hop”. Values derived from this artform empowers them to share thoughts and express themselves through music, dance and graphics openly. With our initial success at Dharavi, now we plan to take on this movement globally.


का समय

December 2013

The idea of the project was sown by Samir Bangara and Dolly Rateshwar alongwith Mumbai’s 2 Hip-Hop crews

May 2014

1st community centre was set up in a shanty in Dharavi kickstarting The Dharavi Dream Project

January 2015

Universal Music Group came onboard as one of the CSR partners along with Devraj Sanyal and Vinit Thakkar

January 2015

The Dharavi Project was officially launched bywith A R Rahman, Shekhar Kapur, Max Hole, Devraj Sanyal and Samir Bangara

May 2015

Trust deed was registered, signed and executed as ‘ The Dharavi Music for Social Good Trust”

April 2016

Expanded our operations at Sant Kakkaya Marg Pre-School with 3 classrooms under the banner of AfterSchoolofHipHop

January 2018 & 2019

AfterSchoolofHipHop expanded full fledged into a 4 classroom setup at Ganesh Vidyamandir school, Dharavi

April 2020-2022

TDDP goes online during lockdown, successfully teaching 1500+ under-resourced Hip-Hop students in India and abroad collectively.

April 2023

TDDP registered as an independent entity u/s 80G & 12 A – a not-for-profit organisation.

June 2023

TDDP inaugurated its first high-quality recording studio, TDDP Studios, situated at the heart of Dharavi, dedicated to giving a voice to underprivileged Hip-Hop Talents.

15th August 2023

TDDP’s Independence Day Anthem ‘Hindustan ki Awaaz’ marked the debut release from TDDP Studios featuring artists MC Josh, Siva G, Kavikaar in collaboration with Brand ‘Social’

Founding Pillars


“The idea of being able to help someone express themselves through the right platform is what motivated me to start this project. Even if we’re able to make a small contribution to the lives of these kids, it will all be worth it.”

Guiding Light Samir Bangara

स्वर्गीय समीर बंगारा


Co-Founder & CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

“This has been a wonderful journey and each time our talents achieve something, it makes us all so proud. That feeling of empowering under-resourced creative minds for something they work whole-heartedly is definitely a milestone in the lives of everybody in our team and in line with Samir’s life Philosophy.”

MC Heam

MC Heam

Chief Artist Mentor

“I began my artistic journey with little support and a lack of guidance. I owe my growth to my failures and the resilience to rise after each setback. With ‘The Dharavi DREAM project – An After School of Hip-Hop,’ we aspire to change this narrative. We’re here to provide emerging under-resourced Hip-Hop talents with the resources, direction, and support they need, so they can learn from our experiences and face fewer hurdles on their path to success.”

Tejashree Pol

Tejashree Pol

Co-Founder & CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

“The idea of being able to help someone express themselves through the right platform is what motivated me to come onboard for this project. Even if we’re able to make a small contribution to the lives of the under-resourced talents, it will all be worth it and I will be happy to justify my efforts towards Samir Bangara’s futuristic ambitious vision.”

Sushant Yattam

Sushant Yattam

Co-Founder & CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)

“Embarking on a transformative journey, the Dharavi Dream Project NGO has become more than just an organization; it has become a shared legacy of triumphs and milestones. As each under-resourced creative mind we empower achieves greatness, our collective spirits soar, and our hearts brim with pride. Aligned with the profound life philosophy of our revered mentor, Samir, our purpose is fortified—to sow seeds of hope, nurture dreams, and inspire lasting change. Together, we script a narrative where compassion converges with empowerment, shaping destinies and leaving an indelible mark on the lives of everybody in our team and the heart of Dharavi.”

Our Evangelists



Grammy and Oscar winning Music Composer

“I want young Indian composers to have skills that will enable them to create their own palette of sounds instead of having to write formulaic music. These kids have so much grounding that they have extraordinary possibilities.”

Shekhar Kapur

Shekhar Kapur

Oscar nominated and BAFTA winning Movie Director

“The Dharavi Project is a dream project and this is something which we want to take across India and across the globe. The idea of music and dance is giving hope to people. You can give new life to people, these kids will be going places.”

Advisory Board

मार्ग दर्शक

Devraj Sanyal


Chairman & CEO, Universal Music Group

Sagar Gokhale


CIO, Qyuki Digital Media

Ankur Tewari


Composer and Music Director

Dilip Jain

Dilip Jain

Founder, Djed Foundation


Abhimanyu R

CEO, Qyuki Digital Media

Chief Artist Mentors

कलाकार सलाहकार

MC Heam


Sagar Gokhale




Karan Kanchan

Karan Kanchan

TDDP Talents


Here are our rising talents who are carving out a lane & defining the passion for hip-hop with their artforms. Do you have the makings of a true star? Come & Join us!
Manzil Crew Bboy

Manzil Crew

Apoorva Shukla Rap

Apoorva Shukla

Aryan BBX Rap
Krishna Makwana Rap

Krishna Makwana

Sairaj Methari Rap

Sairaj Methari

Saniya Rap
Siva G Rap
Kavikaar Rap


Rajesh BBX Beatboxing
Chandan Vaishya Beatboxing

Chandan Vaishya

Bhimesh Graffiti
Suman Burman Graffiti

Suman Burman

Harsh jogdankar Graffiti

Harsh jogdankar

Bhimrao Jogu Bboy

Bhimrao Jogu


On-Ground Team

The backbone of the The Dharavi Dream Project. The team of 8 enthusiastic souls which make us move ahead and achieve success in every step
Sampada Salunke

Sampada S

Sr. Manager Operations & Strategy
Aarti Konar

Aarti Konar

Content Writer & TDDP Graffiti Talent
Asha Gandhi

Asha Gandhi

Accounting & Centre Coordinator
BBoy Kancha

BBoy Kancha

TDDP Centre + Studio Manager & TDDP Breaking Instructor
Shekhar Pathak

Shekhar Pathak

Tech Lead
Kunal Kunchikorve

Kunal Kunchikorve

House Keeping + Office Executive & Beatboxing Talent
Vaibhav Haldankar

Vaibhav Haldankar

Kavita Pandya

Kavita Pandya

Unnati Rajput

Unnati Rajput

Legal Consultant

TDDP Interns & Volunteers

The helping hands who make us inquisitive and bring new perspectives and dimensions in this journey of supporting young talents.
Do you want to see yourself in this role?

Sera Sanyal

2 Months

Harshit Sethiya

1 Month

Tia Kanungo

JBCN International School 1 Month

Prisha Desai

JBCN International School 1 Month

Anway Gaikwad

We School 1 Month

Yash Bandbe

GNVS Institute of Management 9 Days

Dhruvi Joshi

GNVS Institute of Management 9 Days

Mohni Sangale

GNVS Institute of Management 9 Days

Sai Pugaonkar

GNVS Institute of Management 9 Days

Vinayak Awaghade

GNVS Institute of Management 9 Days

Vaibhavi Ruikar

GNVS Institute of Management 9 Days

Sumit Gaikwad

GNVS Institute of Management 9 Days

Kadambari Suryavanshi

GNVS Institute of Management 9 Days
The Dharavi Dream Project is a registered entity under the name of “Voice of streets Music Education and Learning Foundation” is registered: u/s 12A of Income Tax Act,1961 valid from 1st September 2022 until 31st March 2026 with Unique Registration Number AAICV8273HE20221 u/ss 12-Clause(iv) of first provisio to sub-section(5) of section 80G valid from 2nd September 2022 until 31st March 2026 with Unique Registration Number AAICV8273HF2021, SEC 8 License Number: 136375 PAN : AAICV8273H